再也不怕丢车了 会喷射致命臭气的防盗锁

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本文摘要:The aptly-named SkunkLock is an ingenious bicycle lock that blasts would-be thieves with a disgusting cocktails of chemicals that most of the time causes them to vomit uncontrollably.粪锁住是一种有创新的自行车锁住,恰如其名,它不会向想偷车的贼喷出一种令人恶心的气体,大多数时候不会让他们掌控不了


The aptly-named SkunkLock is an ingenious bicycle lock that blasts would-be thieves with a disgusting cocktails of chemicals that most of the time causes them to vomit uncontrollably.粪锁住是一种有创新的自行车锁住,恰如其名,它不会向想偷车的贼喷出一种令人恶心的气体,大多数时候不会让他们掌控不了地腹泻。When San Francisco-based Daniel Idzkowski learned that over 1.5 million bikes are being stolen across the United States, every year, he decided it was up to him to come up with a more efficient means of theft prevention. 当美国旧金山人丹尼尔-伊兹柯夫斯基了解到每年美国有150万辆自行车被拿走之后,他要求想到更加有效地的防贼方法。After six months of work, he came up with the SkunkLock, a hollow steel U-lock system which houses presurized noxious chemical deterrent that’s even detectable through some of the most advanced gas masks. 经过六个月的艰辛希望,他作出了粪锁住,这种空心钢U型锁住中存在冷却的剧毒化学物质,即便某些最先进设备的防毒面具也无法抵抗它的威力。

The proprietary formula, known as D_1, was developed by Idzkowski and his partner Yves Perrenoud, and is perfectly legal.这种取名为D_1的专利配方由丹尼尔与他的合伙人伊夫斯-佩勒努联合研发,并且它合乎美国法律规定。The SkunkLock is made out of hardened medium-carbon steel that exceeds 450 brinell, and is painted in black and white stripes reminiscent of a skunk. 粪锁住由硬化中碳钢制作而出,其硬度远超过450布氏硬度,臭锁的黑白花纹不会让人误解到臭鼬。They hope that the pattern and SkunLock logo will scare away thieves, but if they insist on cutting through it, they will be in for a nasty surprise. 他们期望这种花纹和臭锁的商标需要吓走偷车贼,但如果偷车贼坚决要绑车锁,那么他们就不会接到难闻的惊艳。

The smell is apparently so bad that it will stun perpetrators and cause them to either run in disgust or vomit almost instantly. 车锁里面化学物质的味道如此难闻,它不会把偷车贼粪暗,并让他们恶心地逃跑或者立刻腹泻。And if they somehow find away to avoid the smell, it will certainly catch the attention of passers-by and increase the chances of preventing the theft.即便偷车贼知道怎的寻找了避免难闻气味的方法,这种臭味也不会引发路人的留意,减少偷车贼偷车的可玩性。

No lock can guarantee someone will not go the extra mile to steal your bike or motorcycle, especially if it’s expensive and worth the risk, the SkunkLock team claims. 制作臭锁的团队回应:没锁住需要确保自行车和摩托车会被拿走,当车子十分便宜且有一点冒险的时候最为如此。However, the SkunkLock does provide you the best chance of deterring theft by being the least attractive lock to compromise on your block. 然而,加装了粪锁住,你的车就沦为街区中贼最不愿去偷走的车,是避免车辆被盗的最差办法。

Thieves will generally take a slightly less profitable bike if the risk is significantly less. 一般来说情况下,如果风险能大幅度减少,偷车贼就不会去偷窃一辆利润稍微增加的自行车。If a thief compromises the SkunkLock, not only are they exposing themselves to noxious chemicals, someone nearby may be asking what that smell is.如果偷车贼要求对付粪锁住,那么他们不仅要闻剧毒化学物质的气味,还必需拒绝接受路人的问话。In case you’re afraid the SkunkLock might malfunction and accidentally release the gas in your face, its creators assure us that the only way to puncture the hollow chamber inside is by attempting to cut through it. 为免你担忧粪锁住失灵并车祸将臭气喷到你的脸上,其创造者们向我们确保只有绑车锁,里面的臭气才不会跑完出来。

And just so you never have to do that yourself, they are issuing a standard unique code for each unit sold that can be used to request additional keys in case you misplace the original. 为了避免你被迫因为遗失车钥匙而自己绑粪锁住,他们还不会给每把锁住配有唯一识别码,你可以借以去找他们要可用钥匙。The company even offers an overnight key shipping option.该公司甚至获取隔夜寄送服务。

Bike thieves will be relieved to hear that they won’t need to worry about the SkunkLock about another year. 偷车贼们听闻这种粪锁住会迅速面市的消息后,认同都泊了一口气。Their goal is $20,000, of which they’ve only managed to raise $5,598, with a month left to go. 最近丹尼尔和伊夫斯正在Indiegogo上众筹,他们的目标是两万美元,但他们现在只筹措到了5598美元,筹措时间只剩一个月了。

If the campaign is successful, they estimate SkunkLock will be available in June 2017.如果众筹顺利的话,他们估算粪锁住将在2017年6月面市。